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Suitable for home oxygen supply, health care function, improve the body oxygen supply system, supplement oxygen, improve health.

Using AC voltage as the power source and air as the material, using the most advanced PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology to produce high purity oxygen for the oxygen generator.

Using hard glossy safety engineering plastics as the cabinet, streamlined, comfortable and elegant design style, portable, stylish and beautiful.

Intelligent infrared control system: large-screen LCD display, support intelligent operation and set oxygen supply time, very convenient for the elderly, you can read the relevant data on the screen.

With timing function, can reach a maximum of 999 minutes.

Ultra-quiet power saving: running noise is less than 45dB, suitable for long-term oxygen absorption, input power ≤ 90W.

Oxygen anion: When oxygen is concentrated, our products can release negative ions, help the lungs to breathe faster and absorb more oxygen.

Can concentrate anion and oxygen, promote each other, improve immunity, brain function, myocardial function and sleep quality, the anion function is independent of turning on or turning off.

Adjustable Oxygen Flow 1L/min-5L/min Oxygen purity 30%-90%

Support continuous oxygen throughout the day. Can continuously work 24 hours.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Oxygen Concentrator
Colour: As Pictures Show
Material: ABS
Optional Plug Type: EU Plug(220V), US Plug(220v), UK Plug(220v), AU Plug(220v)
Working temperature: 5°C-40°C Humidity: 20%-60%
Atmospheric pressure: 86KPA~106KPA
Pulse: within ±5% of the red value
Mode of operation: intermittent operation
Pressurization method: pressurization by a pressure pump
Decompression: Apply automatic air release mode
Air release: fast manual air release mode
Pressure sensor: capacitive pressure sensor
Storage capacity: a set of 90 measurement working principle: PSA (pressure swing adsorption) input power: ≤ 90W
Oxygen concentration: 90%~30% (room temperature 0.1MPA)
Oxygen flow rate: 1~5L / min
Oxygen anion output (optional): ≥ 4 million / min (optional function)
Oxygen identifies odour less, colour less, combustion-supporting gas
Working noise: ≤45dB
Working environment requirements: no corrosive gases
Remote control power supply: 2*AAA batteries(Not included)
Size: Approx.32.5 * 19.8 * 32.3cm / 12.7 * 7.8 * 12.7in

Package Lists:

1 * Main Machine
1 * Remote Control
1 * Earphone type oxygen inhalation device
1 * Water injector
2 * Filter (white, black)
1 * Sealing ring and rubber stopper
1 * Pen type oxygen pipe
1 * Power cable
1 * Instruction manual

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